Slowjaxx and His Flying Bong Brothers

Formed in 1990 as a four piece fresh out of school, influenced by thrash, punk and Madchester, with various line- up changes, spanning their 19 years gigging and writing music for the masses and various indie/local (Singapore) film soundtracks. The band has constantly worked with various musicians for live gigs like Djs, horn sections, sax players, a full orchestra, a bateria and anything that shines under the sun..

Free of any genre pigeon-holding, The Stoned Revivals has constantly been ahead experimenting with psychadelia, jazz, funk, soul, blues , disco, Britrock, spacerock and even bastardising house music since their formation in 1990. Having played in countless DIY gigs in their early years and moving on to playing in clubs like Zouk, Phuture and Velvet Underground. Whether it’s being hand-picked by No Doubt to open for their Singapore concert at the Indoor Stadium in 1997, opening for Towa Tei of DeeLite, rocking the stage in Vietnam for the Heineken Green Room Sessions or playing in a festival Zoukout, the band has maintained their non-conformist ethics throughout.

In 1997 the band hit the Singapore charts with their biggest hit “Goodil” which went #1 on 2 radio stations 98.7fm and 91.3fm.It stayed on the charts for 4 months straight. Their next #1 “Stoned Alleycat” went on to win the Top Local English song of 2001 by the Composers Association of Singapore. It was also nominated Top Local English song for the Radio Music Awards 2000. Their first contribution to local film soundtrack was for Eric Khoo’s “Mee Pok Man” , followed by “12 Storeys”. They also contributed songs for the movie “Forever Fever”, wrote music for movies like “Chicken Rice War” and tv series like “Dirty Laundry”. Their song “Spanish Fly” was chosen as the theme song for Najip Ali’s cartoon series “Uddyn”. With the ending of their contract with Pony Canyon in 1998, the band went on to release their long awaited debut album, the mouthful “Golden Lovesongs from the Evil Island of the Handsome Tropical Cannibals” in 1999 to rave reviews.

Since 2000, the band had been playing as a duo consisting of Esam Salleh and Syed Ahmad. In 2009 exactly 10 years of not playing together as a whole onstage, the classic 1999 line up of the band consisting of Esam Salleh, Kamal Yacob, Syed Munir and Syed Ahmad have decided to reform and make a proper studio album as a gift to their fans , friends and fiends alike.. Their first time playing live together as a foursome was for the Even Ruder gig at Esplanade which then led to their television appearance on Live and Loaded singing an unreleased track “Soundtracks of our lives” and “The New Way” which was from the “For Good” compilation.

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