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Accent of Sound

AoS is a band based in Clayton, Victoria. The group was formed in early May 2011 by guitarist Zul, bassist Mao and drummer Aizat. The trio, interested in competing in the annual Muzika held in Melbourne, then recruited Alia on vocals. The initial members had a wide variety of musical influences and interests, hence combining to create a band with its own unique sound. They then decided to recruit Mao’s former bandmate Shamey as second vocalist and guitarist to strengthen the band. The band’s name symbolizes the different genres that each band member brings to the group. We may speak one language:music, but we aim to bring different accents to it.

Dark Night

The band was formed back in late 2010, when Ahmad Arif (Guitar), Ian (Keyboard) and Govin (Guitar) realised that they wanted utilise their talents and form a band. They filled the remaining spots in the band by recruiting Alia as their vocalist; and train both Kunda and Aizat who are both musical instrument-newbies to play Bass Guitar and Drum respectively. Their first performance was during the Brisbane Asean University Games Closing Night in October 2010.


Kapitan was born in 27 August 2008. It is a Malaysian Rock Band originally brought by two young musicians, Ramada (guitar/vocals) and Ejoy (drums/vocals). A year later, Micip (2nd guitarist) and Felix (bassist) join the band. Kapitan finally signed a new singer in April 2010 . The unique feature about these young members are they all currently studying in Sydney but go to different Uni. Ramada (UTS), Ejoy (SAE), Felix & Azraff (UNSW) & Micip (USYD). Kapitan started in Sydney, Australia, was firstly named Bandana, then later changed to Kapitan.

The idea of Kapitan (Captain) came across through the lyrics from one of Iwan’s rock songs. Kapitan’s music arrangement is largely universal rock that combined all rock genres which are Pop Rock, Slow Rock, Metal Rock and Rock & Roll. (except Punk Rock “laugh…”). With the rythms and the drum beats composed by them, Kapitan is easy, understanable, rockin’ and make the fans can’t stop listening. Kapitan wants the best for the fans and try to improve the quality and quantity of their rock music from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute and second to second. The goals are to continue composing & performing rock music and of course to achieve awards as many as they can. So guys out there, dont stop listening to us yeah!!

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Nassir Jackson

Nassir Jackson is a Malaysian experimental band based in Victoria, Australia. The group was formed in early 2011 by vocalist /lead guitarist Ahmed Iwaz Hamdy. He was joined by bassist wanbilly, “DJ Litheproject” Lan, and 2nd guitarist Naqib. The four comes from a diverse musical background and they merged to create their own brand of beautiful music, heavily influenced by the proud Malay heritage in them.


Skrumble is an Adelaide-based band originally formed in 2009, composed of Izuddin (lead guitar), Elfer (rhythm), Syafiq (bass), Lutfie (drums) and Omac (lead singer). The group was quite a success in 2009, reaching the top 3 in Sydney’s Battle of the Bands. The success was short lived, as the group disbanded in 2010 due to the departures of Elfer and Syafiq.

However in 2011, after the purchases of several new band equipment and the formation of a studio at Omac’s house, Skrumble reunited when hearing the news of the upcoming Muzika in Melbourne. This latest reincarnation includes new bassist Dzafran and new rhythm guitarist Fendi.  We do not consider ourselves to be of any particular rock genre, as the band members each have different music preferences, ranging from Pink Floyd, to Iron Maiden, to Red Hot Chill Peppers, to Yuna (Lutfie is an avid fanboy). If there was a description for Skrumble’s style of music it would be ‘plain old rock and roll’. Our main and only goal is to put on a good show when there’s a show to put on. “See you in Muzika…!! “