Muzika history dated back to 2005, when KUAM first organized the event (formerly known as Battle of the Bands) in a small scale competition, to audition for performers who wanted to perform during Malam Gemilang (Night of Glamour). In 2009, the competition was taken to a higher level and the name ‘Muzika Musim Salju’ was first introduced, after taking into account the season in which the event was held and also the whole concept of the competition, a musical event.

The name was continued in the following year, with a slight change to ‘Muzika Musim Luruh’ because it was organized during the Autumn season this time around. However, Muzika at that time was raised to another level, when guest artists like Hujan, Liyana Fizi and Kugiran D’ Tepi Pantai were brought in to perform during the event. That year, Muzika also received participation by contestants from other states, travelling all the way down to Melbourne, in show of support for the event.

This year, Muzika 2011 will fuse the concept of Muzika Musim Luruh 2010 and once again provides a platform for Malaysians to showcase their musics and talents to the local Malaysian community in Melbourne specifically and also the local Australians. Categories that will be contested includes band and acoustic acts. Muzika will also brings guest artists from Malaysia to illustrate the success of musical talents in our homeland and offers the local community the opportunity to listen to the best sounds from back home in live performance.